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The March 2019 Issue of the Zip Coder is in the mail. We hope you enjoy it but, we need your help to keep Zip Coder alive. Specifically, please see the items listed below:




A Call For Articles, Ads & Subscriptions

June 2019 Issue

of The Zip Coder






Your Zip Coder Staff would like to hear from anyone interested in writing an article for the upcoming (and/or future) issues. If you have a topic you feel would be of interest to the Advanced/Challenge Square Dance Community, please contact us using the information in the below signature block. We want to hear from you – now.


The subject for said article can be anything of your choosing as long as it directly relates to, or is of interest to, the Advanced/Challenge Square Dancing Community. We would like the article to be three to five pages long (1,000 words, give or take depending on how much the subject demands). You may select any topic about which you feel comfortable writing a discourse on.

 If you can do this for the Advanced/Challenge Community, please send us the digital file of your article no later than May 10th (this allows us time to publish by the end of May).


 Please respond with your decision ASAP as we are currently planning the June 2019 issue.


 Wait! What! You don't think your ideas are of interest to the Advanced/Challenge community? Wrong! Give it a try - you may find out that your thoughts fit right in – besides that, it’s kind of fun to be published. 



Additionally, if you or your organization wish to advertise in the upcoming issue(s) please send in your information no later than May 10th in order to be included in the June 2019 issue. An Ad Rate Form is attached to this email.



Subscriptions are the life blood of the Zip Coder – without them, we don’t exist.


While we have subscribers worldwide, just like the rest of the Square Dance Domain, our numbers are slowly dwindling. We need to constantly seek out new readers and contributors. If you are not yet a subscriber, please consider a one-year subscription. If you are already a subscriber, please help promote the Zip Coder – you are the best one to attest to the value of the book (a Subscription Form is on the last page of each issue).


Submission Guidelines:

Additional information on submission guidelines for articles, ads, the Happenings, Caller and club data can be obtained by emailing me at:


DaveK@epgvl.com . 


Finally, thanks to all who help make the Zip Coder a success – authors, advertisers and critics alike – you are what makes it all worthwhile.

Please feel free to contact me (Dave) if you have any questions.


Dave & Becky Knapp

304 South Almond Drive

Simpsonville, SC 29681

864/757-9652 (O)

864/757-9654 (F)


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