Gatlinburg Getaway 2019

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If you’ve never been to one of the Kopman Tennessee weekends you’ve just not experienced heaven on earth as a square dancer.   For one thing he always brings in the best talent in the U.S. - often callers we’ve never heard of but are the best of the best in their trade.    One gem that came on board about 16 years ago was Darryl Lipscomb.   Steve was so blown away by the response of the dancers that he’s invited Darryl on as a regular since his first engagement.    The Gatlinburg Getaway is something special.   It was Steve’s first weekend he ran on his own and was so successful he’s added two more weekends in TN.


Besides the talent the Kopman TN Weekends bring us are the excitement of “selling out” of his room block.   Because of the special pricing Steve & Debbie negotiate, they are limited in how many dancers can be a part of their weekend.    And, the Gatlinburg Getaway has sold out for as long as any of us can remember.   The dancing is superb, the calling first class and two years ago we even got to see a 350 pound bear outside the doors of the convention center.  Now THAT was something to remember.    No, Steve’s dad didn’t write a new call with the word bear in it for the occasion.

So, take a moment and look at the attached flyer for the upcoming Gatlinburg Getaway and experience square dance “heaven on earth”.


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