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Due to my dad’s declining health, my family and I have decided to bring dad home from the hospital to rest comfortably in the place he’s lived for the last 60 years with people he loves around him. As difficult as this decision is, your prayers have provided my sister, Phyllis, and me the ability to spend quality time with my dad over these past 4 months. We were able to overcome the challenges of jobs and long distance to be with him and Mom as a family to support and share our love with them as Dad fought for his life. I’ve heard there’s nothing more precious than when people give of their time. I found out the past few months just how true that is. Being able to be with my dad was the best gift any of you could have given us. Your prayers gave us that time. My folks never took vacations like normal people. We didn’t do annual family reunions. Square dancing allowed me to have a special bond with my dad that most people never get to enjoy. I have been blessed to travel the world with my dad. Almost all of you reading the wrap-ups have shared in those special tips at one time or another. I never minded sharing my folks with the square dance world because it would have been selfish to deny all of you the magic they both gave the do-ci-do community. And, if you attended any of our weekends around the globe that meant you saw the special bond dad & I had on and off the stage. Yes, we were working, but our love for the activity and each other was contagious, which added a beautiful and unique experience for everyone. The emotional pain for my family and me has felt intolerable at times. Your wonderful, kind words, thoughts, memories and prayers have helped ease some of the pain and occasionally brought a smile to dad’s face – A rare and precious moment for us to watch. Never for a moment should you feel like your prayers went unanswered. The time you gave us as a family can never be taken away. Your concerns about my mom and dad are shared daily with the family. The love we have felt from all of you will always be remembered. God’s miracle has been time - and that’s something we will all cherish for the rest of our lives.

Steve Kopman

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