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(Pigeon Forge Advance & Challenge Convention)


Ray Brendzy, Steve Kopman & Tom Miller


How much better do you think it can get for Advanced & Challenge Dancers? This will be one of the best weekends you will find anywhere – and it’s less than two months from now.

Well so what you ask? Because this weekend will sell out fast and we would love to see you there. As most of you know, Becky and I have had to curtail our dancing for the last six months for a variety of reasons and if you don’t sign up soon, we will not have the pleasure of your company. Yes, we be attending this weekend – and, yes, we will be running the computer squares – complete with computers and projectors.

Please consider signing up before it’s too late – just download the attached flyer, fill out the bottom portion and mail it to the address shown.

We really are looking forward to seeing our Square Dance Family again.

Dave & Becky Knapp

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