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TO: All Advanced and Challenge Callers, Dancers, Weekend Dance Promotors, etc.


Are you aware of the following FREE services which are provided by the Zip Coder?

  • The Directory Issue (Published in the September issue only) – contains a list of Advanced & Challenge Callers who have notified Zip Coder that they would like to have their contact information published.

  • Happenings – A listing of Advanced &/or Challenge Weekends Zip Coder has been made aware of.

  • On the Level – A listing of known Weekend Dances sorted out by level (Advanced, C-1, C2, etc.).

  • Clubs & Tape Groups – A listing of Club and Tape (Computer) Groups sorted by State and Country.

Would you like to take advantage of this special (and free) service? Just follow the submission guidelines shown below:


  • The Directory Issue list all contact information including:


Address (Snail mail)

Email address

Phone number

Web site (if available)

Highest level you call

  • Happenings:

Date (month, days, year) of event

Name of Weekend or Organization

Name(s) of caller(s)

Level of dance

Location (city, state)

Phone and last name of contact person, fax number

e-mail address



A Day of C-3A

Don Moger


Boylston, MA

Info: 877-944-6097, Moger



To keep everyone better informed and to facilitate better personal planning, please submit your special weekend(s) dances six to twelve months in advance. Please type or neatly print the information for EACH dance you wish to list (as shown in the sample above). This will help eliminate errors and omissions, thus simplifying our task.


  • On the Level – The Zip Coder staff sorts this data by dance level using the information supplied in the Happenings Section

  • Clubs & Tape Groups – supply the following information:

Name of the group

Contact information – phone number and/or email address

Address of the venue

Days and time the group meets

Name of the caller or group leader

Level the group dances

Web site URL if available


You may submit this above information via email ( ) or you may mail it to:

Zip Coder

304 South Almond Drive

Simpsonville, SC 29681


Please be sure to submit your information by the first of the month prior to the publication month (e.g. for the September issue please submit your information by August 1st).

Got questions about any of this? Contact Dave or Becky at 864/757-9652 (our business phone number – Express Press) or email Dave at

We are looking forward to hearing from many of you – soon.



Dave and Becky Knapp

Owners/Editors of the Zip Coder


P.S. – Just in case you are not a current subscriber, we have attached a Subscription Form to this email.


P.P.S. – If you know of a club or group that no longer exists, please let us know so that we can correct their entries.








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