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It’s That Time of Year Again


Yup, it’s time for the Zip Coder Annual Directory Issue. This is the issue most dancers hold onto. Why? Because in this issue we list the information you send us about: 

·        The Caller Directory

·        Club & Tape Groups

·        On The Level Dances

·        Happenings Events 

Of course, we also have lots of other great Advanced and Challenge Square Dance information – Ads, Stories and other miscellaneous stuff. 

We have attached a PDF to this message of the above current listings. This is what will be published unless you send in new listings or corrections to the old information. We depend on you to keep us current. Also, if you know of some club, event, etc. which no longer exists, we need to know that as well. If you could let us know if the Club/Group info is correct, we can mark is as updated for this year. For any corrections/updates, please eamil us at

You may also want to consider placing an ad in this issue for you event, club or yourself (if you are a caller). Remember, most dancers keep this issue handy for the full year as a reference guide – advertising money well spent. If you are interested in placing an ad, or need any information about Zip Coder, just email Dave at He will respond quickly to get you an answer.




Dave & Becky Knapp

304 South Almond Drive

Simpsonville, SC 29681

864/757-9652 (O)

864/757-9654 (F)

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